About Jared Siebert

Jared Siebert

I have always been interested in computers and technology.

While attending high school at MEI, I took most of the computer courses which is where I was introduced to Photoshop and web design.

During my second year taking the web design course, I was put in charge of maintaining the school website, creating my own projects, helping lead the class, and also took my first web design contract.

After graduating from high school, I attended BCIT for two of their web development programs that also gave me my introduction to programming, and advanced my web development skills. During my time there I received training in Java, PHP, JavaScript/AJAX/jQuery, HTML, as well as CSS.

While working through my third semester I was given a job opportunity as a web designer at Vin65 where I have developed close to a hundred different websites, and maintained hundreds more.

With a growing interest in programming, I attended a course for Rails, and was put on the programming team to start development in ColdFusion.

I have learnt a lot in the past few years through work and school, but there are certain traits like honor, persistence, honesty, integrity, punctuality, and determination that can't be taught through school, but developed through life experience and also make me a great asset to a team.

I work very well independently, but also enjoy working with others on a project as it gives me the opportunity to learn from and possibly even teach others.